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The benefits of integrating workflows between design professionals and the steel fabricator using the BIM process has never been so readily accessible. Improvements in technology and the standardization of methodologies between various professional disciplines has made participation in the BIM process affordable and practical for the steel fabricator.


Using the industry's latest prototyping software, Dufficy Steel can easily produce your fabricated structural or architectural steel model in a BIM-ready format for your immediate use and BIM processing. This powerful visual can help you better communicate your design intent to the Owner and demonstrate more detailed product information on your bid proposal as it relates to the incorporation of fabricated architectural and structural steel.


Dufficy Steel is prepared to contribute to the BIM process on your next project and help you achieve higher levels of productivity, remain flexible and responsive to new opportunities, and gain greater control over the building process.




By inviting Dufficy Steel to collaborate with your project development team early, you can leverage the value engineering services we offer to explore design alternatives that positively affect the project's schedule and ultimately your bottom line. Contact us today for more information on how Dufficy Steel's value-added services and risk-management strategies can benefit your project from start to finish. [more]



The extraordinary attention Dufficy Steel demonstrates in its responsiveness to the needs of each customer is indicative of the company's values and the strict standards by which it evaluates its project managers and other associates.


An unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction at all stages of the product life cycle is the foundation of our success. We're confident that you will never be disappointed in the added-value of our personal commitment to your professional needs.


Dufficy Steel aims to compliment the reputation, competence, and the je ne sais quoi of each design professional's style and methods by delivering quality products that reflect the same unique expectations, standards, and meet or surpass your design's specifications.


Whether serving you as a design-build or design-assit steel specialty contractor or liaising solely with the general contractor, Dufficy Steel is committed to advancing your goal of realizing a successful and profitable project that all parties can be proud of.

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